Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blog 5 Costa Rica 2016

Wednesday June 29, 2016



Yesterday was our last day working at the high school.  We finished up the painting and most of the desks and chairs are ready for use.  To say goodbye, the students of Paraiso High School shared acts from an arts festival for us to watch and participate in. It was a great way to say goodbye and remember the school. Lexi, Nia, and Madison modeled dresses that some of the students made. Savannah, Hannah, Moyin, and Helen danced a traditional Costa Rican dance along with some others that everyone rotated in and out of. Everyone got up to demonstrate how to dance the 'Cotton-Eyed Joe.'

We ended the day at Don Daniel's farm for a farewell party with all of our host families. There was lots of dancing, games, and great food. Near the end, each family got up to say a word of thanks to our group and we thanked the families as well. Things got a little emotional as we realized the trip was coming to a close.

This morning, we left our families and headed back to Chilamate. We exchanged stories about a time in our life where we learned a meaningful lesson and shared them with the group.  At the end of our final day in Costa Rica, we enjoyed a breathtaking zip-lining trip and a reflective candle circle to look back at our time here...muy pura vida!

See you tomorrow night at JFK at 10 p.m. :)

Lexi and Savannah